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It is purely built into MýSilica's DNA to consider sustainability and environmental issues, since the basis of the activity is the use of raw materials that have not been used until now, and by using them, a positive effect on the environment is created. MýSilica supports various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the company also looks to them when it comes to strategic planning and decision making.







There are 17 global goals, with 169 sub-goals. There are mainly 4 goals that overlap with MýSilica's activities, and here it will be briefly outlined how the company contributes to working towards them.


Mýsilica's founder and CEO is Fida Abu Libdeh, who has attracted attention for her entrepreneurship, first with

GeoSilica and now MýSilica. She received the FKA Motivational Award in 2021, which is awarded to a woman in business for notable initiatives or innovations in business operations. With Fida in the lead, MýSilica supports Global Goal 5.5, which require ensuring the active participation of women and their equal opportunities to be leaders in decision-making in all areas of administrative and economic matters as well as in the public arena.


MýSilica is based on the utilization of geothermal water from Bjarnarflagsvirkjun, which has not been used until now, but pumped back into nature. As a result, siliceous and mineral-rich reservoirs can form, which can have a long-term harmful effect on the soil. By using the water and extracting silica and minerals from it, the likelihood of reservoir formations is reduced and the negative effects that the reservoirs can have on the soil are reduced. With MýSilica's operations, we therefore not only avoid harming nature, but also work against invasion on it. This is in line with global goal 8.4, which require improving the use of resources and reducing economic growth that harms nature.


Silica and minerals, which MýSilica uses in the MýMinerals products, are made from geothermal water, using a method that has not been used before for this purpose and production equipment developed by MýSilica. In this way, the production process is driven by innovation, which speaks to global goal 9.


In the entire production process, MýSilica looks to global goal 12 for responsible consumption and production. In that way, the company always strives to use the most sustainable methods possible at every stage and in every aspect of its operations. As already mentioned, the origin of the company and its activities are fundamentally good for the environment, as the processing of silica and minerals from geothermal water reduces the likelihood of adverse effects on the soil.


The People


Fida Abu Libdeh

Founder and CEO


Sigþóra Brynja Kristjánsdóttir

Project manager


Ásdís Inga Viktorsdóttir


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